Candle-light Restorative Tao Yin Yoga Monthly Workshop 11/2/14!

Derive the healing benefits from a style of practice that combines the Taoist & Vedic Internal Arts of Tao Yin Chi-kung & Restorative Yoga. Find “stillness from within” while “going with the flow”… in all aspects of the mind, spirit & body of the practice.
Explore this practice through meditations in long-held restorative poses, gentle flowing movements, self-massage techniques and breath-work exercises to promote detoxification of major organ/glandular systems, while creating more mobility of the muscle and connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, cartilage & etc.).

*These workshops are accessible to range of experience from beginners to intermediate and advanced practitioners.



Members (per session)


Non Members (per session)

$22 Regular (Early Bird pricing available)

to register go to


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