• “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever…”

~Chinese Proverb

  • ” Its not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”

~Charles Darwin

  • ” If you want to learn, read… if you want to understand, write…if you want to master, teach!”

~Yogi Bahjan

  • “no amount of drilled-in rules or reflexes can prepare the swordswoman for the infinity of different attacks, which she may have to face, especially when confronted w/ more than 1 opponent. she is taught, therefore, never to make any specific preparation for attack nor to expect if from any particular direction. otherwise, to meet an unusual attack she will have to retreat from one stance before being able to adopt another. she must be able to spring immediately from a relaxed center of rest tot he direction required. this relaxed openness of sensitivity in every direction is precisely “Kuan’, or as it is more commonly called in ‘ZEN’, ‘Mushin’, which is to say’no mind’,no strain of the mind to watch for a particular event.”

~Sensitivity to the Moment in Swords-(Wo)man-Ship (Kendo)

  • “one cannot become famous in any art form without striving at it for several decades. if one doesn’t make it,

something must have distracted her/him and caused her/him to fail. So, it is certian that if you do not concentrate fully, how can you expect to succeed.”

~Gong Xian~

  • “Many don’t understand the power of love, that it is there for them if they choose to accept it. Of course, just

because it’s there, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll accept it. Like a seed, it will always be there. Because of free will, humans can accept or reject that love. We, who so much wish to have the love we send, be received, have to remain somewhat detached.”

  • “There is free will and karma. How are you going to handle what you have?”

~Quan Yin~

  • “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them…”

-Albert Einstein

  • “i think every person has the ability to effect change…everyone of us affects the world through our actions…

through our every thought, our every word, the way that we interact with other people we’re constantly affecting the world.”

-Adam Yauch (MCA), the Beastie Boys, 1964-2012!

  • “Now i know the secrets of making the best persons; it is to grow in the open air & eat & sleep with the earth”

-Walt Whitman

  • “No person was ever honored for what (s)he received; honor has been the reward for what (s)he gave”

-Calvin Coolidge


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