Teaching Philosophy

I believe Yogic, Taoist and Moving Arts should be accessible to all people. I seek to empower people of all ages and backgrounds with my life experiences and work as an instructor. I believe that my teaching is versatile, as I apply my background not only as an instructor but also as an arts educator and performance artist to this work. My experiences as an instructor have ranged from working in Yoga/Martial Arts Studios, Health/Community Centers, Women’s Shelters, the Philadelphia Schools and Anti-violence/Empowerment programs for at risk youth, in addition to being on Tour individually or with troupes as a performance artist.


I work to inspire all my students to honor their limitations, while challenging them at the appropriate level to be in the present moments of their practice. When appropriate I apply a hands-on approach, offering soothing adjustments for alignment. While I am teaching, I believe that I am always going to be learning from my students and life, as it unfolds. I do not believe that because I have teaching certifications or the ability to facilitate teacher training certification programs that my learning is over, so I keep training with insightful teachers so that I may continue to develop the ability to inspire students.


I draw on my training in the Taoist Arts of Qi-gong, T’ai Chi Chuan, Kung-fu, Pa-kua Chang & Vinyasa Power Yoga in combination with my studies in theater arts, spoken word/ lyrical poetry and dance to inform my work as a practitioner and instructor. “I have no desire to be anyone’s “guru” but rather to act as a guide on the way to the “guru” that already exists within each and everyone of you…”


I feel deeply connected to nature and part of my personal practice is to protect it whenever possible with what ever tools I have. Something that’s important to me in my Yoga practice is that i buy and use products that are friendly to the preciousness of the environment (ex. my last 3 yoga mats have been Eco Friendly). In the larger scope of the big business that yoga has become there are many companies trying to “green wash” and “cash in” on the “yoga” practice but many are not adhering to ethical factory standards or sustainable resources. If asked about the products I use, I try to let my students know (in the least preachy way possible) the companies I trust, so that if they choose they can make more informed decisions about items one might purchase for use in the practice.



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