Dragon Spirit Yoga @ PEX Fest 2015

Dragon Spirit Yoga @ PEX Fest 2012

Dragon Spirit Yoga in Clark Park 2012

Dragon Spirit Yoga Photos by L. Browning Photography (Courtesy of Become Yoga)

Afro-Cuban & Afro-Brazilian Music/Movement Workshops

Dance, Theater & Martial Movement Simplifire Performance @ Philly Fringe Fest 2009

Dance Workshop @ Gaian Mind Festival 2008

Dragon Spirit Yoga & Yo-fu Workshops @ Studio 34 (West Philadelphia, PA)

Dragon Spirit Yoga/Dragon Dancing

Yo-fu: the Fusion of Yoga/Martial Movement/Dance

Dragon Spirit Yoga & Yo-fu workshops on the Playa

Capoeira Fire Dance Performances w/ Risa & Roxa

Yo-fu Youth Workshops for Community Outreach Project @ KWPP Charter School

Old School Hip Hop/Yo-fu Workshop for the Multi-cultural Youth eXchange in 2007

Yo-fu Youth Workshops for Of Mythic Proportions Program

Ni Nai Chen

Jassu photos

The Yoga of PIM at Pex 2012

Sunset on the Bay

Yoga in the Redwoods

B Tru Dance Yogi Crew!


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