Dragon Spirit Restorative Yoga Workshop 1/26!

Dragon Spirit Restorative Yoga…“The Tao of Yin!”

Mama’s Wellness Joint 

Philadelphia, PA

@ 7:15-8:45pm…

On Sunday, 1/26!}


Derive the healing benefits from Yin Yoga with highly praised instructor/performance artist, Gabrielle de Burke (Casella). In this workshop we will get reacquainted with the wisdom of the inner child while exploring mindful-meditations that reshape patterns in the landscape of the adult practitioners body-temple. Through long-held & restorative poses, energy blockages release by activating meridians (energy pathways in the body), stimulating acupressure points & chakras (energy centers in the body) to promote mobility in the connective or “yin” tissues (ligaments, tendons, & cartilage). Yin yoga will challenge participants in the art of finding stillness… in all aspects of the body, mind & spirit of the practice. Meditate on the poetry of ancient Taoist mystical philosophy being read aloud to practitioners during poses in an effort to resonate w/ the inner chords of our deepest being. This workshop will be accessible to range of experience from beginners to intermediate & advanced practitioners.

Click link to MWJ website for registration!


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