• Valentines Day: Partner Yoga & Thai Bodywork Workshop w/ John & Gabrielle!


Sunday, 2/14 from 3:30-5:30pm @ Mama’s Wellness Joint!

This workshop is open to both unfamiliar & seasoned participants, offering a “way” to experience a series of steady still (restorative) poses & rhythmic flowing (vinyasa) postures for practicing yoga in union with a partner. In addition, we will engage our partners in the art of giving & receiving mindful bodywork in order to harmonize and reach a universal interaction. Partners will take turns being guided through a series of techniques based on the traditions of Thai Massage. The art of practicing playfully together & in a respectful way on one another helps to bring balance to the physical, spiritual & mental energy systems of the body. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to have fun with a dear friend or loved one. This workshop is open to all and all are welcome – just bring a friend and plan to have a great time.



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