RADIANT LOTUS WOMENS QI-GONG Spring Class Series begins 2/21!



Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi-gong™


  • 5:30-6:45pm (Standing/Sitting Practices)

Winter Session: February 21st-March 28th (1.25 Hrs./6 Weeks/$85)


This Internal Art program is specifically designed to empower women to practice ancient self-health care techniques based in the Taoist Arts. Classes consist of movement techniques and breath exercises that have the capacity to help practitioners realize healing potential and to reach optimal levels of health. The fundamental elements of the practice consist of techniques like Shaking and Cupping, Self-Massage, Vibrational Sound Healing and the Kwan Yin Closing & Showering Qi Movements. Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor/Clinical Practitioner Daisy Lee, developed the series of techniques presented, which are based on teachings from her Tibetan, Chinese and Western Masters. The essential difference between RLWQ and other styles of Qigong is that it’s practiced and taught by women for women. This class is taught by Gabrielle de Burke, Certified Level I RLWQ Instructor! Please wear shoes with flat-soles and loose clothing. *Appropriate for Women Only!



In honor of the Lunar New Year there will be a FREE 1 HOUR WORKSHOP offered in


on Thursday, February 7TH FROM 5:30-6:30!



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